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Measured, declared and published values: what should the supplier enter in EPREL for the mandatory parameters?

Measured values:

Measured values result directly from measurement by manufacturers, carried out in the context of conformity assessment. These values must be available in the technical documentation e.g. in test reports (See definition (23) ‘technical documentation’ means documentation sufficient to enable market surveillance authorities to assess the accuracy of the label and the product information sheet of a product, including test reports or similar technical evidence).

Measured values and test reports are not part of the mandatory information to be provided in the EPREL database, but can be uploaded on a voluntary basis.

Declared values:

The declared values are the values declared by the manufacturer for the purpose of verification of compliance by market surveillance authoritiesThese must be provided in EPREL as parameter values to be entered in the Technical Information (generally these are listed in the Regulation in Annex V). The declared values are used by market surveillance authorities for the calculations set out in the calculation and measurement annexes.

Declared values may differ from measured values in that manufacturers may decide to declare values that are less favourable than measured values, e.g. by applying a safety margin to cover their own uncertainties of measurement and possible variations of performance due the manufacturing process in order to reduce the likelihood that products are placed on the market with lower performance than actually declared.

As specified in the delegated acts, declared values and the values used to calculate them may not be more favourable than the corresponding measured values.

Published values:

Published values are those that are communicated to potential buyers, through the product information sheet (or product fiche), visual advertisement or other means (public information). Some of them also appear in the label.

Manufacturers may decide to publish values that are less favourable than the declared values because of rounding or any other reason e.g. commercial reasons.

As specified in the delegated acts, published values may not be more favourable than the declared values.


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