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Energy Efficient Products

A one-stop-shop of information on energy efficient products targeted at different stakeholders

  • EU energy labels (family)
    Looking for products

    Consumers and public buyers

    The cheapest product on sale is not necessarily the best option: electricity use, water consumption, durability and reparability can make a difference in terms of total cost of ownership over the entire product use time. Learn how to understand the energy label of a product and the additional registered information in order to make an informed purchase decision.

    • Are you a consumer looking for a new product?
    • Are you a public buyer and want to purchase in bulk?
    • Do you wish to have an overview of products and performance levels?


  • EU energy labels (home appliance store)
    Registering a new model


    Suppliers are manufacturers established in the European Union, importers or authorised representatives of manufacturers not established in the Union, who place products on the Union market. Before energy-related products covered by energy labelling are placed on the EU market, the models must be registered by their supplier in the product database EPREL.

    • As a supplier what should you do to comply with the Ecodesign and the Energy Label legislative framework?
    • Which product models do you need to register?
    • What should you do to be entitled to register models? 
    • How can you pass the verification process?
    • How can you register a new product model?
  • EU energy labels (home appliance store)
    Displaying the energy labels


    Precise obligations are set in the legislation to help consumers perform an informed purchase choice and  properly displaying the label is part of them.

    • As a dealer or distributor, do you know your obligations?
    • How can you get the correct labels and how should you show them?
    • Are there differences in obligations between traditional stores and online stores?
    • And what about installers?

    Learn here how to properly comply with the legislation and help customers perform a better informed choice.

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