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Energy Efficient Products

Can such a proprietary plug be considered to make the EPS specific for a load ?

Some manufacturers use a special plug for the low-voltage connection to their products. 

These plugs limit the usability of the EPS to one manufacturer’s equipment. This is not considered specific for one model, so the replacement parts exemption cannot be claimed here.

The provision in Article 1.2 f) reads:

'external power supplies placed on the market no later than 30 June 2015 as a service part or spare part for an identical external power supply which was placed on the market not later than one year after this Regulation has come into force, under the condition that the service part or spare part, or its packaging, clearly indicates the primary load product(s) for which the spare part or service part is intended to be used with.'

To be exempted in the sense of the service/spare part, the EPS needs a specification on the device itself or on the packing establishing for which specific product/model it can be used. It is not sufficiently specific that the proprietary plug limits the application to the product range of a specific manufacturer/brand.

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