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Energy Efficient Products

In the energy label for a heavy duty cabinet, should we indicate the climate class 4 or 5? At which climate class shall heavy duty cabinets be tested to declare the EEI?

For heavy duty cabinets, the climate class to be indicated in the energy label (lower right of the label, item VII of Annex III.1 to 2015/1094) is climate class 5. To this extent, to verify the capability of the heavy duty cabinet to maintain the temperature in the compartment(s), a temperature test at climate class 5, as indicated in the EN 16825 standard, is necessary.

Moreover, concerning heavy duty cabinets, in order to calculate the EEI index (energy efficiency index, as defined in Annex VIII to Regulation (EU) 2015/1094), the ambient conditions of the testing environment shall correspond to climate class 4 (as from Annex IV.2.b to 2015/1095 and Annex IX.2 to 2015/1094).

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