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How is the supplier giving the information to the distribution chain? Is the provision of the QR code enough?

Is it a tyre manufacturers’ obligation to provide the PIS or is it sufficient that the distributor goes to EPREL and downloads the PIS to fulfill its obligations?

Article 4 states all obligations of tyre suppliers regarding the provision of labels and product information sheets (PIS).

For some specific elements of the distribution chain, provision of a QR code or of the equivalent humanly readable URL may be useful. However no requirement or provision is explicitly mentioned in the legislation.

Once the tyre type is registered in EPREL and the “date of placing on the market” occurred/passed, anyone can automatically download a PIS from the public part of the database and in any official language of the EU.

The tyre suppliers’ obligation is to accompany individual tyres by a printed label and by a PIS. Making accessible the PIS seems enough. However the specific case in which tyres are sold or offered by distance, the supplier has to provide the end-user with a printed format if requested.

Article 6 states that at the point of sale, distributors have to make the product information sheet available, including, upon request, in printed form. Consequently, the distributor should be able to provide the PIS in a printed form if requested.

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