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Energy Efficient Products

Is it required/useful to print the corresponding QR-Code or the URL leading to the EPREL database to meet the obligations of the regulation?

Reg. (EU) 2020/740 does not require that label values are printed on the invoice anymore: what information (in which form) could be supplied to the end-user in order to allow him/her access to the label/PIS information of the product(s) he bought?

The tyre label is intended as an aid to support the user in an informed purchase decision. It is crucial, therefore, that the user can see the label (and, if desired, the product information sheet) 'before' taking the purchase decision. No obligation of displaying the label has been set for any document produced “after” the payment or similar commitment by the customer.

It is obviously permitted to document the choice of the customer, once done, and for this a QR code or the human-readable equivalent URL could be printed in the invoice or analogous post-sales document.

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