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For the provision of tyre labels in electronic form, is a delegated act foreseen?

Is the 'printed tyre label' as of Article 4.1 (b) intended as necessarily printed on paper or can it also be 'printed on a display' or be a 'printable' information transmitted in a digital file? 

Individual units of tyres made available on the Union market have to bear a sticker, or be accompanied by a printed label in the case of batches of identical tyres.

The Regulation refers to an electronic version of the label as a “label in electronic form” and not as “printed on a display” (see definition of ‘tyre label’ in Article 3(5)).

The format of tyre labels (both in printed and electronic form) is set out in Annex II.

Article 13(1)(a) empowers the Commission to adopt delegated acts in order to amend Annex II with regard to the content and format of the tyre label.

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