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Vehicle suppliers need time to update documents. For vehicle suppliers, which is the date of start of application?

Can vehicle manufacturers still  propose the label as from Regulation (EC)  No 1222/2009 until the tyre types already placed on the market before start of application are finally registered (i.e. at the latest by 30 November 2021)?

Until the specific tyre type part of the OEM is registered in EPREL, the vehicle supplier cannot access the information related to the tyre type. Thus, the information can be updated only after the tyre supplier has registered the tyres in EPREL. Therefore, there is no alternative than showing the previous label.

Moreover the new label classes do not change between the old and the new label (apart from a downscaling of of classes E and F to eliminate the empty D class), consequently the new label is not going to change the customer purchase choice.

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