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What is meant with 'single package' in the definition of a rooftop heat pump and a rooftop air conditioner?

A single package means an assembly constituting a unique functional unit that is provided by one manufacturer with one single commercial reference. However, this assembly can be provided on one or two separate frames.

The following categories of roof-top units may exist:

  • A unit mounted on a single frame that can be installed either outdoors (on the roof of the building or aside the building) or indoors. In the latter case, the unit is ducted on air side outdoors and/or indoors.
  • A unit the components of which are mounted on two separate frames, and connected with refrigerant lines, constituting a single package installed as a unique product. The two parts are generally installed indoors at two different locations in the building, with or without air ducts.

The choice of configuration, i.e. one or frames, will depend on the constraints on the integration of the unit into the building for the required application.

The technical design and the individual components of the two types of units are identical and therefore both types are covered by the definition of rooftop air conditioner and/or rooftop heat pump.

A system only available in two or more structures (structures) such as a single split or a multi-split air conditioner or heat pump is not a rooftop air conditioner or heat pump.

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