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Energy Efficient Products

What products fall under the scope of Regulation 641/2009 or 547/2009?

The differentiation can be found in the definitions in the regulations themselves:

Article 2(1) of Regulation 641/2009: ‘circulator’ means an impeller pump which has the rated hydraulic output power of between 1 W and 2 500 W and is designed for use in heating systems or in secondary circuits of cooling distribution systems;

Article 2(1) of Regulation 547/2012: ‘water pump’ is the hydraulic part of a device that moves clean water by physical or mechanical action and is of one of the following designs:

— End suction own bearing (ESOB),

— End suction close coupled (ESCC),

— End suction close coupled inline (ESCCi),

— Vertical multistage (MS-V),

— Submersible multistage (MSS);

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