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Which tyre label should the vehicle supplier display if unknown at the time of the vehicle sale?

A vehicle supplier may not have certainty about which specific tyre type will be available before a certain time (e.g. because of tyre mounting scheduled in lots, stocks depleted, change in supply contract by the vehicle manufacturer, etc.).  In some cases, many months may elapse between the order and the factual production of the vehicle, during which the availability of tyres may change. The label description in Annex II includes ‘Trade name or trademark of the supplier’ as a mandatory element among other technical characteristics.  If multiple tyre types can be used, the information (i.e. the label and Product Information Sheet) should be made available for each of them.

The sales contract may regulate a situation where, for reasons unpredictable at the time of the signature, the car has to be finally delivered with a different tyre type.

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