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Energy Efficient Products

Why has been the label used until 2021 changed?

With the revised tyre label regulation, the label has been reviewed in the design, to be harmonised with the very well-known energy labels that, according to a Eurobarometer poll, has an influence in 79% of European' purchase choices. The new label has now only 5 classes, instead of 7, because tyres that would be in class G and F are not allowed to be placed on the market anymore, in the light of separate type-approval new rules. The new label, finally, also includes additional information for consumers indicating if a tyre is suitable for use in severe snow conditions or in extreme ice conditions and the QR code, leading to the tyre registration in the EPREL database.

You can see how the classes from the old label have been mapped into the new ones in the picture below:

tyres old to new


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