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Energy Efficient Products


Making a smart purchase

A win-win for consumers and the environment

The EU legislation for Energy labels and Ecodesign has been estimated to bring energy savings of approximately 230 million tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe) by 2030. For consumers, this means an average saving of up to €290 per year on their household energy bills. 

Ecodesign sets common EU wide minimum standards to eliminate the least performing products from the market, while the Energy Labels provide a clear and simple indication of the energy efficiency and other key features of products at the point of purchase. This makes it easier for consumers to save money on their household energy bills and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the EU.

Read more about how these policies help consumers:

Energy Efficient Products

As a consumer you can view the products that you may be interested in buying.

View the complete list of products that fall under the Ecodesign Directive and Energy Label Framework.


EPREL enables consumers to find detailed information about energy labelled products and models. It guides its users towards the most energy-efficient product models while encouraging manufacturers to develop new, more efficient models to appear in the highest and more rewarding ranks. Information on other aspects than a product's energy use, such as its possible water consumption, noise emission, extension of the warranty, availability of spare parts, duration or product support is also provided.

  • View specific models of products on EPREL (European Product Registry for Energy Labelling)

Public Procurement

Public buyers, as consumers, are concerned by the same interest in energy-efficiency as it contributes to reduce the life-cycle cost of a product. In fact, in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Directive public procurers procurers must take into account Ecodesign and Energy Labelling if they are procuring products that are covered by such requirements. Specifically for products with energy labels, EPREL can be a powerful tool for procurers to find the best deals and meet the requirements to purchase efficient products.

Useful Links

Check the list of helpful resources for Consumers:

  • TopTen - Topten is a consumer-oriented online search tool, which presents the best models in various product categories. Topten’s key selection criteria are energy efficiency and consumption, while other quality aspects like ressource efficiency and health are also considered.
  • Applia - Home Appliances Europe’s guidance on the Energy Labels for suppliers, dealers and consumers