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Energy Efficient Products

What is this portal about?

This portal is in fulfilment of Article 12 of the Energy Labelling REGULATION (EU) 2017/1369 that requires the establishment of a product database consisting of a public and a compliance part and an online portal giving access to those two parts.

Goals of this portal

  • are better informed on the energy efficiency of products and on other environmental aspects  
  • know how to interpret and make use of information in the energy label and in the product information sheet 
  • know how to fully exploit the information from EPREL for a better informed purchase choice 
Suppliers and dealers: 
  • better know respective obligations  
  • better know how to comply with them  
  • are aware of progress of competitors and better design next generation products  
Stakeholders involved in policy-making: 
  • find, in a single place, all relevant information and documents, including past assessments and discussions, current state of play or any data useful in the decision making process  
Citizens and the media:
  • fully discover the added value of this legislative framework that, by setting a single set of directly applicable rules in all Member States, is an excellent example of successful implementation of the the subsidiarity principle and a success story inspiring many third countries.